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What Our Clients Are Saying

Business Law Pricing

Law Firm


Starting at $750

  • Registration of Business with the State of Florida

  • Register for Federal Employer Identification Number

  • S-Corp Election (if applicable)

  • Serve as Registered Agent (First year)

  • County Business License

  • Articles of Incorporation / Articles of Organization


Starting at $1000

  • Basic Package Plus

  • Registering DBA

  • Advertising DBA

  • Standard Bylaws (Corp)

  • Standard Operating Agreement (LLC)

  • Share Certificates (Corp)


Starting at $1750

  • Advanced Package Plus

  • Registering Trademark in State of Florida

  • Standard Employee Handbook

  • Employment Law Posters

  • Employee Review Sheets

  • Employee Handbook Acknowledgement  

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Non-Competition Agreement 

  • Video Consent and Release Form 

  • Audio-Video Surveillance Disclosure 


Starting at $3,500

  • Pricing for Basic, Advanced, and Premium Packages applies to NonProfits Plus:

  • Filing for Federal Tax Exemption Status

A La Carte


  • Video Consent and Release Form – starting at $50

  • Audio-Video Surveillance Disclosure – starting at $50

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement – starting at $100

  • Non-Competition Agreement– starting at $100

  • Independent Contractor Agreement – starting at $300

  • Employment Agreement – starting at $300

  • Consulting Agreement – starting at $400

  • Contract Review – starting at $500

  • Employee Handbook – starting at $500

These represent typical fees for common legal matters. We would love to discuss the specific needs of your business to better understand how we can best serve you. We make it simple to work on a per-project basis and we will be as hands on (or off) as needed based on your individual business practices.

The Fine Print

The prices listed above do not include state and federal filing fees. The prices listed are based on standard matters. If your legal needs are more complex, we will create a custom solution for you. Either way, we will give you a clear price upfront before we start. Please click below to speak with us about your specific legal needs.

Get in touch with us today — we look forward to hearing from you. And remember, the first call is always free.

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